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Oh. It's me.

Tobi Faust and Arthur Heisler (Faust & Heisler) just released a video portrait of me. And my work. And Which makes me self-conscious. To be honest.

The video was shot during the "Street Mag Show Hamburg" and presents some people of our Chromjuwelen Family. Including Helge Thomsen (Motoraver, 1973 "Mad Max" Ford Falcon XB GT), Kris "Kick 'n' Rush" Karathomas (1958 Chevy), Niels-Peter Jensen (Cheezy Rider), Oliver Kaps (Style Deluxe). And — of course — our 1972 "General Tire" International Harvester Scout II.


Auto Buch: I love 'em

"Auto Buch" – A Rat Fink is catching flies with his tongue while he is doing a wheelie


Concept cars


"Renn Autos" – Plymouth Superbird aka King (Cars)


Three Window Coupé Hot Rod


Wheelstander Burnout with flames

Yesterday my eldest son (7) presented me his second "Auto Buch". I guess this is what your offspring is sketching when they have to grow up with a car nerd among a ton of car literature and hot rod movies.

Of course. I am hefty proud. And I think I've done everything right.

Herr Fischer bittet zu Tisch

I'll just steal some words from my friend Jörg Heikhaus, who describes it best: 

[...] You’d think it’s much bigger. The dinner table. The one that Jo Fischer carries around with him, taking photos of 1000 people sitting at it. Two lovers with a bottle of red and tiny plates fit around it. It’s really that small.

Roughly three years ago, Jo Fischer picked up a camera and started to work as a professional photographer. The story behind his decision to get his first camera is a story of its own, one that I am sure will be told many times very soon, because Jo is bound to be one of the most talked about young photo artists coming from Germany. [...]

Via Suzuki ("It's the small things that make a difference")