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Chromjuwelen Magazine X Flipboard

Just because we are working hard on the relaunch of doesn't mean we stopped publishing our web finds or selected stories from our Contributing Network. Of course, at the moment we don’t produce lots of Chromjuwelen reportages, but our social branches like Tumblr are busier than ever. Regarding Tumblr (Chromjuwelen, Chromjuwelen Motor Öl) we are looking forward to set a new record soon: 15k followers. Yeah!

Furthermore, we are gaining new experiences with another curation tool: Flipboard. So if you are a user — tell us in the comments what you think! Here's our Chromjuwelen subscription link.

Chanel Superstore, Grand Palais

Usually I am not very interested in fashion, but this one's different. For the AW14 (Paris Fashion Week), Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld turned their catwalk into a high-end supermarket. Fully stocked with not just products, but Chanel products. Which is amazing.

As we know what it takes to create an own product (Chromjuwelen Motor Öl), we have to pay our respect for Chanel's work. Btw, they even offer a fake engine oil: Coco Carbone.

Via „Paris: Willkommen im CHANEL Supermarkt im Grand Palais!" (