Converting our digital brand "Chromjuwelen" into a real life – sell- & buyable – product.


Specially formulated for classic cars

Chromjuwelen Motor Öl is custom tailored for classic engines operated only a few months per year and tolerates long periods in between use. Formulated by Mathé® Classic, the oil provides wear and corrosion protection precisely tailored to the needs of historic engines and ensures long-term adhesion to metallic surfaces. This mitigates potential damage that may ensue following long periods of inactivity such as winter storage or museum exhibitions.

The oil was named after Chromjuwelen, the magazine for motor culture, since 2005 publishing issues related to classic vehicles at http://chromjuwelen.com. Like practically no other medium it is familiar with the needs of the individual car cultures, including everyday classics, exclusive unique specimens and high performance vehicles from international car racing. Chromjuwelen.com is a reference frequently quoted beyond the borders of German-speaking countries, especially when the topic is "Motorkultur".

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Made by people with a passion for classic cars for people with a passion for classic cars.

Chromjuwelen Motor Öl is manufactured by MVG® Mathé-Schmierstofftechnik GmbH in Soltau, Germany. The additive specialists can look back on a long tradition. Since the mid-80’s they have been carrying on the legacy of racing legend Otto Mathé. To improve the performance and lubrication of his motor oil, Mathé developed his own additive. This resulted in his engines running more reliably than the same types of engines being used by his competitors.

Whether in his "Ahnherrn", the Berlin-Rome car developed by Ferdinand Porsche, a Porsche 356 or his "Fetzenflieger" (scroll to 1952) adorning the Chromjuwelen Motor Öl logo, Otto Mathé (1907-1995) was a legend in his own lifetime and dominated racing in Austria. Although he steered using only one arm (his right arm was paralyzed in an accident), he went from one victory to another. Niki Lauda still says that "Otto Mathé was the idol of my childhood".

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