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Chromjuwelen En Route [04:23] – June 2011

Production: Faust & HeislerArticle (chromjuwelen.com): Faust und Heisler: Chromjuwelen Video PortraitArticle (ralfbecker.com): Oh. It's me. Photo Gallery: Chromjuwelen En Route Video Shoot (Making Of)Photo Gallery: Street Mag Show Hamburg 2011


Rust 'N' Dust Jalopy, Raindrops Are Falling On My Racetrack [03:53] –August 2011

Production: Faust & Heisler. Article (chromjuwelen.com): Rust 'n' Dust Jalopy, Teterow 2011. Video. Article (ralfbecker.com): Rust 'n' Dust Jalopy 2011


Rock 'N' Kustom [04:08] – May 2006

Production: Chromjuwelen.com, Axel Bienert, Boris Heimberger, Henning WindelbandArticle (chromjuwelen.com): Rock'n Kustom: "Crime Scene" - der FilmArticle (chromjuwelen.com): Rock'n Kustom: Kulturkonferenz im Hause MufflerPhoto Gallery: Rock N' Kustom 2006 (Mufflers Garage)

"Burn die Winterzeit" [04:40] – January 2006 

Production: Chromjuwelen.com, autobild.de, Christian Suhr, Redomedia. Article (autobild.de): Burn die WinterzeitArticle (chromjuwelen.com): Video(-Podcast) online: Familienzusammenführung.