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Chromjuwelen Motor Öl: Top Gear Magazine, Petrolicious

I love my inbox (not). I just rediscovered this photo Clemens Gleich ( sent me — over a month ago. The reason why I turned my back to my inbox (and overlooked this Top Gear Magazine photo) is we shut ourselves away to build a brandnew Chromjuwelen Motor Öl website, which you might have seen already. If not — shazam, HERE IT IS

You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs. Ok, and while we're on it, I forgot to say thank you to Wrenchmonkees as well. Darn, I am an idiot ... 

Well, with this one I will be much faster: our soulmates from Petrolicious just presented our tailor mad engine oil to their audience — thank you very much, Barmak!

Wrenchmonkees by Levi's: Locals Only Copenhagen

"Asked about the essence of motorcycling, Copenhagen local Per Nielsen will keep his answer fittingly short and clean; in fact, he will say no more than a single word at first: “Presence.” 

His crew The Wrenchmonkees has long established itself as a commanding force and seminal presence in the world of stainless steel and powerful engines. Internationally known for their matchless custom motorcycle creations, Per explains his search for the ultimate road beast and presents his very own thoughts and feelings about “Motorcycle Maintenance”. 

Linking their shared love for skateboarding, DIY culture, rock & roll, the sound of engines going, and clean shapes, the Copenhagen-based crew never cared so much about extreme performance, loud colors or the latest designs; instead, they are interested in “the basic expression of life on a motorbike”. 

In short: these guys focus on unique machines, a clean, raw and no-frills aesthetic, and ultimately a timeless experience on two wheels."

Wrenchmonkees by Levi's via Helge Thomsen & Maximilaian Funk.