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Josh Clason: Back To Life (Der Zombie Hase)

Of course I know there is a huge Veedub scene in the US. But I think I have never seen an American gearhead wearing a German Soccer tricot — in this case FC Bayern München — before. Weird. 

Oh wait — when we've been in Nevada for the General Tire Mint 400, I ran into a guy who was wearing a FC St Pauli t-shirt — Klaus Rasch

Josh, beautiful as ever. Thanks for keeping me informed!

Gearmafia: 1974 Toyota Celica TA22, DMC DeLorean, Porsche, Beetle, Kombi

It is reassuring to see that there are more and more producers who are investing rather in story telling and quality – instead of dubstep tunes. Don't get me wrong – I like dubstep. But imho there are way too much videos out which have been razor-sharp cutted on bass lines or and reverberant drum patterns ... 

Gearmafia #1: "It's all about soul" – 1974 Toyota Celica TA22

Gearmafia #2: DMC DeLorean

Gearmafia #3: "History is a bit heavy" – Hai, owner of Kombi Rocks Cafe (Kombi Rocks Facebook) about passion and the restoration of vintage cars.

"GEARMAFIA – a collaboration with Burnpavement – features unique rides, heavily modified exotic cars, Japanese makes and their owners. Conceptualised and scripted by the team in CRITICA, we dig into the passion that goes behind these rides."

MTV World Stage: The 21st Century Beetle

It seems the New Beetle wasn't a huge succeess in Germany. Only 2283 Beetles have been sold in 2010.

To present the upcoming "21st Century Beetle", Volkswagen formed a partnership with MTV and announced to premiere glabally. The 2012 Beetle will be unveiled on April 18 in a "whirlwind tour of three continents". The kickoff will occur in China, followed by reveals in Berlin and New York City. The entire event will be covered by MTV, with special guests planned for each event. In the States the event will be headlined by The Black Eyed Peas while in Germany Volkswagen will kick it with Belgian duo 2 Many DJs.

Volkswagen invited us to join their party in Berlin. Hell yeah, we are part of it!  

The Bus: "To me these are like a swiss army knife"


"The Bus" is a celebration of the most iconic and beloved vehicle ever produced. It explores the history, culture and evolution of the Volkswagen Transporter from its Nazi heritage to its modern-day cult-like following and status, the film celebrates the 60th anniversary of the VW Bus and its vibrant and resonant place in modern culture. The film will be released in late 2011. 

Via Aircult Blog.