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KLE's Passat Pirat

One of the reasons, why I started five years ago, was to show unusual cars and the people behind them. One of them, who doesn't give a rip about what others say, is KLE. KLE has a preference for oddball German cars, especially the stuffy Volkswagen Passat. Today I had the pleasue to meet up with KLE—who paid Hamburg a visit—and his latest creation, the "Pirat". Though I don't like every detail on KLE's cars, I think his jalopies are some kind of lowbrow art cars.

Please make sure you visit KLE's blog, he keeps a very painstakingly record about every modification. Btw, the other car—a badly modified Ford Granada—belongs to Helge Thomsen.

Black Current III: Electric Drag Race Bug

The Black Current III is the work of two European brothers named Olly and Sam Young, who started the project six years ago when they dropped a milk truck motor they'd found into a VW Beetle. Now the car claims the title of Fastest Zero Emissons car in Europe thanks to two electric fork truck motors, 60 Odyssey PC680 12V batteries and a Zilla 2K motor controller all delivering 1200 lb-ft of torque to the ground.

[...] 0-to-60 MPH time around 3.0 seconds and a quarter-mile run of 11.24 seconds at 114 MPH [...]

I like.

Via Jalopnik

Radical Rusty Nightmare Bug

Once a year Hannover evolves into some kind of Mecca for the whole aircooled world. Everbody who is anybody pilgrimages to north Germany to visit the "Mai Käfer Treffen". This year especially one car seemed to shine out: The Rusty Rod. I don't get it - what's so special about this slidly modified Cal Look Herbie? Hmm? Why are all airkult blogs full of it?

No. I'm just kidding. Damn, you guys kick *ss. I love this bad*ss Veedub Zombie! Great piece of work.

Make sure you don't miss the "making-of".