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Sneak Preview: NASCAR Hall of Fame

On our way to the Continental Tire Challenge and Rolex 24 at Daytona (GRAND-AM) we stopped at the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte to meet Buz McKim. Buz gives us a brief overview on the NASCAR history. For a "NASCAR Hall of Fame"-gallery hit on of the images above. Or just use this link

This is a sneak preview—we will publish a full coverage of our latest trip soon. 

Do You Have A Gear Philosophy?

Oh gosh, I love my Rolex Submariner. Without that bubble for date magnification, of course. A date display is always the best indication for a faked one—or did you ever see a faked Oyster Perpetual without "Cyclops"? Also I really, really love money clips. At the moment I use a clip which I got from Jesse James, with his "Pay Up Sucker" claim engraved on it, but I think I have to order another one here. Lighter? A worn Jack Daniel's Zippo, what else. And before I switched to Evernote, I used Moleskine or Muji notebooks to get things out of my mind. Pen? A Mont Blanc Masterpiece. And do I have to mention I dig electronic gadgets like the iPhone? I am far away from being a fan boy, but especially the iPhone is one of my favorite cameras. No, I am NOT kidding.

How could it happen I missed The Gaer Journal? And EDC? What a bummer.

Btw, Ryan Cochran, the genius behind "Atomic Indstry" (The Jalopy Journal ("H.A.M.B."), The Jockey Journal, The Garage Journal, The Gear Journal, The Ford Barn) just rolled out a new magazine: DOGFIGHT. This means ... this means ... more breathtaking stuff to fill up my Tumblr Mood Board!

(Note to self: I have to get myself a knife ...)