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Style Deluxe: Bell Rock Rod

When Oliver Kaps told me the first time that he'll build a stretched Hot Rod, I was like: W-T-F. And I suppose everybody thought "W-T-F" as well. Beside Olli himself. He was always sure it would look awesome. Now, as the rod is finished, I know I was wrong. The car is a beauty. Although it has been stretched.

Mr. Kaps picked up a 1931 Chevrolet as a basis. And if you are familiar with the German TÜV, you'll know what it means to get such a monstrum street legal. Ok, it wasn't easy all the time, but Olli accomplished it. Chapeau!

The Bell Rock Rod was built for the Bell Rock Hotel (Rust Europar Park). You'll find a lot of details on Olli's site — just follow this link.

(Photos: Carlos Fernandez Laser)

Style Deluxe Opening Hamburg

A few shabby snapshots of Olli's shop opening (Style Deluxe Hamburg) I took with my mobile phone. The event was sorta family gathering — all the top nobs found their way to Style Deluxe's new location in Hamburg Bergedorf. Sourkrauts/VolksrodderzBSG Racing, Faust & Heisler, Motoraver, Heliumcowboy, Jo Fischer, Cars From USA, Jens Dell´Ali, Carlos Kélla, Reinhard Garbers, Jules ... to name but a few.

Mr. Kaps, Mr. Cremer — Chapeau!

Oh. It's me.

Tobi Faust and Arthur Heisler (Faust & Heisler) just released a video portrait of me. And my work. And Which makes me self-conscious. To be honest.

The video was shot during the "Street Mag Show Hamburg" and presents some people of our Chromjuwelen Family. Including Helge Thomsen (Motoraver, 1973 "Mad Max" Ford Falcon XB GT), Kris "Kick 'n' Rush" Karathomas (1958 Chevy), Niels-Peter Jensen (Cheezy Rider), Oliver Kaps (Style Deluxe). And — of course — our 1972 "General Tire" International Harvester Scout II.