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Spindle Productions: Experiments In Speed

"Experiments in speed. Inspired by those great men of the salt flats, those men that in the 60s pushed the Land Speed Record from the 300s up towards the 600mph mark in jet-propelled cars built in their sheds. We decided to do what we do: build a bicycle, but this time, in the spirit of those pioneers of speed, build it to see how fast we could go …"


Tom Donhou by Spindle Productions via Hypebeast.

Skateboarder Magazine: The Killing Season – A Motorbike Trip Through Vietnam

"Iconic skateboarding publication Skateboarder Magazine presents its latest full-length video. [...] The video documents the recent cross-country trip organized by photographer Jonathan Mehring and filmmaker Patrik Wallner. Featuring the likes of Jerry Hsu, Keegan Sauder, Joey Pepper, Javier Mendizibal and Michael "Michi" Mackrodt, the video sees the ill-prepared group hitting a slew of locales across the nation while showcasing the beautiful scenery that surrounded the winding roads of their treacherous journey."

Awesome. Via Hypebeast.