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Oh. It's me.

Tobi Faust and Arthur Heisler (Faust & Heisler) just released a video portrait of me. And my work. And Which makes me self-conscious. To be honest.

The video was shot during the "Street Mag Show Hamburg" and presents some people of our Chromjuwelen Family. Including Helge Thomsen (Motoraver, 1973 "Mad Max" Ford Falcon XB GT), Kris "Kick 'n' Rush" Karathomas (1958 Chevy), Niels-Peter Jensen (Cheezy Rider), Oliver Kaps (Style Deluxe). And — of course — our 1972 "General Tire" International Harvester Scout II.


New York Times: Chromjuwelen Interview

It's happening. We are getting famous. Tamara Warren just published an article for the New York Times about American Muscles in Germany: "In Germany, a Growing Flirtation With Classic American Muscle". 

Tamara, it has been a pleasure working with you! And we are glad we could bring you together with some members of our Chromjuwelen family: Helge Thomsen, Oliver Kaps and Dirk Behlau.

Oh, here is an easteregg: Hit the image to watch some wacky Chromjuwelen Mopar Muscle videos from 2006 ...

KLE's Passat Pirat

One of the reasons, why I started five years ago, was to show unusual cars and the people behind them. One of them, who doesn't give a rip about what others say, is KLE. KLE has a preference for oddball German cars, especially the stuffy Volkswagen Passat. Today I had the pleasue to meet up with KLE—who paid Hamburg a visit—and his latest creation, the "Pirat". Though I don't like every detail on KLE's cars, I think his jalopies are some kind of lowbrow art cars.

Please make sure you visit KLE's blog, he keeps a very painstakingly record about every modification. Btw, the other car—a badly modified Ford Granada—belongs to Helge Thomsen.

1973 Ford Falcon XB GT Coupe. Mad Max movie correct.

Yes, you're right. It's a 1973 Ford Falcon XB GT Coupe. And yes, it'll gonna be Mad Max movie correct, when it'll hit the road. Ladies and Gentleman, it's my great pleasure to introduce the magician behind this awesome project: Helge Thomsen! And—btw—it's a movie correct "Jim Goose" Kawasaki Z1000 as well. Of course.

(Just click one of the images above to see more details.)