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NAIAS 2012: Detroit Out Of Focus

I just had to borrow thess beautiful photos from Dylan Culhane my travelling companion Kai Petermann just posted on his brand-new site "For Love And Glory". They are just gorgeous. Please make sure you do not only pay Dylan Culhane a visit, but also Kai's main site Kai is by far one of the best truffle pigs I know out there, and if you want to know what is hot and fresh – just follow him. In this regard, Kai, you make me blush. Thanks for your opening "For Love And Glory"-article!

While Kai has been in Detroit with Ford, I was invited by Mercedes-Benz – as a guest of their tradtional New Year's Reception and to be present at the unveiling of their new generation Mercedes-Benz SL. As soon as my Aperture has navigated me through my pictures, I will post some details. 

Needless to say the SL is a beauty, isn't it?