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Flakes & Flames: Teaser Three

If you haven't supported Dirk's and Jesper's Flakes & Flames yet, do it. Now. Here's the link

Note to self: Call Dirk and ask him whom he hired to shoot and cut this slick styled video. As this video has far too little scratches, stains, frames and bordes, it can't be made by Mr. Pixeleye himself.

Nah. Just kiddin'. It take my hat off to Dirk and Jesper!

Flake & Flames: Crowd Funding

If you ever wanted to support a piece of art — this is your opportunity. Flakes & Flames by Dirk "The Pixeleye" Behlau and Jesper Bram is a feature length documentary about Kustom Kulture. Because travelling is by far the biggest chunk in their budget, Mr. Pixeleye and Mr. Bram just started a crowd funding. Please visit IndieGoGo for details.

In the meantime I will begin to search for a Tattoo Removal Clinic which teams up with me to get one of those "$1000 Sponsor Deals" ...

Flake & Flames: Pixeleye, Jesper Bram and Maze En Route

The other day Dirk shot me an email with his latest "Flake & Flames"-teaser and asked me if I would like to put it on I hesitated 'cause I knew as soon as the Pixeleye-Maniac releases something new it would be all over the worldwide interwebs. So it wouldn't need my support. I published it on, but didn't posted it here.

But then Dirk released his "Behind The Scenes" video. Which I had to post. Harhar — you fellas rock!

Please make sure to visit Jesper's and Maze's websites as well.