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Ferrari Project: Automotive Art

Cutting cars into slices and converting them into furniture or art is nothing groundbreaking new. Visit a car show, and you will see those hung up slices at every turn. Or stop at a cheesy diner, and you will probably have to seat yourself on an ugly Cadillac trunk sofa. 

When Jürgen Ulmer told me about me his Ferrari Project, I was skeptical. My first thought was, to be honest: Ok, just another fanboy who thinks he is a talented artist. But what made me sit up was the fact Jürgen selected Ferrari for his destructive art. This was different. And courageous. Not a tail finned Detroit Iron which you can buy for a handful of bucks. Or a MINI. Or Benzo. Chosing an Italien beauty was new. 

Compared to the aforementioned clunky diner kitsch the Ferrari Project does not come with tires, bumpers, door handles and all the chrome trim. In lieu thereof it is stripped down to its bare-boned silhouette. And that is what makes the difference. 

The other day I was a guest of Jürgen. He welcomed me to his beautiful house. And there it was: A slice of a Ferrari 330 GT 2+2. Converted into a piece of art. I have fallen immediately in love. 

There is still a right side of a Ferrari 330 GT 2+2 and a left side of a Ferrari 365 GT 2+2, so hurry up!