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A few days ago Google rolled out "Google+" and we are honored to be part of it. At the moment it is still a kind of closed beta. "Kind of" because sometimes it seems to be possible to invite other people, but most of the time it fails. 

Due to our concerns for Facebook we are thrilled what this will do to the whole "Social Media" circus. Will it be a game changer? Or a geeky non-starter? It seems Ford (FoMoCoFord Europe) tries to find an answer as well.

Be that as it may — our first steps on Google+ feel very good. The whole interface (web/mobile) is excellent designed and fun to use. If you are on Google+ — let's get in touch

Tumblr: I Just Can't Get Enough

If you hang around at the internet 24/7, and Google Reader is one of your "always on" services, you will involuntarily get overwhelmed with breathtaking pictures. 

I am subscribed to almost 500 sources, but unfortunately my day has got only 24 hours. So it's completely impossible to blog all those awesome treasures. So—what to do? Download and steal 'em (no way) ... throw 'em on Facebook ... or bookmark 'em? Hmm. Not easy.

Some time ago I started playing around with Tumblr, which is some sort of microblogging. But much more in a graphical way. It seems Tumblr exactly solves that problem: it let's you blog stuff when passing. Also you can both follow other Tumblr blogs and "reblog" stuff. I decided to give Tumblr a try. Check it out and tell me what you think!

Btw, "Facebook": I failed. Call me a dud bomb. I thought it would be possible to quit, but it isn't. Not if you—as I do—earn your money with "Web 3.0" or Social Media stuff (oh ... Buzzword Bingo!). So I had to bring back my Facebook account. Darn!