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Josh Clason: Back To Life (Der Zombie Hase)

Of course I know there is a huge Veedub scene in the US. But I think I have never seen an American gearhead wearing a German Soccer tricot — in this case FC Bayern München — before. Weird. 

Oh wait — when we've been in Nevada for the General Tire Mint 400, I ran into a guy who was wearing a FC St Pauli t-shirt — Klaus Rasch

Josh, beautiful as ever. Thanks for keeping me informed!

Josh Clason: Taking the Plunge

"It is not often that I get to spend so much time with one amazing car. During this trip I have been fortunate enough to spend some time with the new owner of this Skyline, Eric Bauer. Going back to where we left off testing at Miller Motorsports Park, Eric flew to the JDM Legends shop in Salt Lake City and drove his car back to Southern California. This special car couldn't be in better hands. Not only does Eric do 3D modeling for most of the various automakers around the world, he also teaches at the Art Center College of Design and helps prepare the future generations of auto designers. It is nice to know that such a special car has landed in special hands."

Josh Clason via Hypebeast.