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Petrolicious: Jack Olsen's 1972 Porsche 911 RSR ... and all I missed

In their latest episode the wizards of Petrolicious (what the hell — when do you produce all this awesome stuff?) portray Jack Olsen ("Horsepower is something that looks great in a magazine article, but suspension is actually what gets you along the track ... fast."), his "Black Beauty II" 1972 Porsche 911 and his famous 12-Gauge Garage. Especially the garage is nothing for the faint-herated. Or is it just me who went green with envy?

Btw, 'episodes'. It ain't easy to follow Petrolicious' and their new releases, so here is everything you may have missed 'em. Enjoy.

Josh Clason: My Church

I just received an email from Josh Clason: "How are things going? It has been a while. You may have seen but we hit the road and now are traveling around. I started releasing Season 02 and thought you might be interested." 

C'mon, Josh. I was hopeful you chucked your work in after finishing Season 01, 'cause your style and skills always let me go green with envy.

Kidding aside, Josh. One word: Awesome.

Allan Anderson via Josh Clason (Depth of Speed).