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Continental X Chromjuwelen: Videos

It has been long overdue that we compile a video of all our brand ambassador media work that we did for Continental. From our early (awkward) beginnings 'til now. So, here it is. Enjoy.

In this context I would like to send out a big thank-you to all the people who made this happen (in alphabetical order): Carsten Brix (cinematographer), Dean Malay (deluma productions), Dennis Petermann (, Christian Suhr (Filmfreunde) and Jan Wigger (cinematographer). And of course to Kai Rühling (Continental) — who wasn't afraid to handle our neurosis. Props go as well to JC Chaix, my personal "Principal Word Basher" aka "Ralf's Crazy Shit Dept.". Dude, you know what I am talking about.

In this context I would like to add two more videos: A short version of "Continental Extreme" and a Chinese bootleg of our "Chromjuwelen Road Movie". The first one was compiled because the full version of Continental Extreme may be way to long to catch the message, the second one was done by our Chinese colleagues of Continental.

If if you like our videos — follow our brand-new (re-activated) YouTube-Channel!

From 2006 to Present – All Chromjuwelen Videos (plus a previously unreleased one)

I know I had to do this one day. I kicked it all too long down the road and it has been sitting for too long on my to-do list. But today was the day – I could not stand my unprofessionally way any longer sending people who are interested in our videos and how we act in front of a camera a bunch of loose links via email. 

The problem was not the Sisyphean task to collect all of our Chromjuwelen videos, which are living scattered throughout several video platforms and accounts. To be honest. The reason was much more: Some of our older video are really … er … AWKWARD. I am talking of that kind of videos you rather try to forget. Like this one: "Power Big Meet Västerås 2006". Yeop, that dumpling you can see in the video ... it's me. Sweet.

Anyway. I would like to use this opportunity once again to thank everybody who supported us since the beginning with their time and their video knowledge: Axel Bienert, Tatjana Böcher, Carsten Brix, Tobias Faust, Boris Heimberger, Arthur Heisler, Icke & Er, Kris Karathomas, Dean Malay, Jürgen Pander, Dennis Petermann, P.Y.P. Film, Olli (Redomedia), Christian SuhrSven Wiesner, Jan Wigger, Henning Windelband.

So, taking a deep breathe – here we go, follow this link!

Oh wait. While we are on it. We upped a video which has been previously unreleased – our coverage form the Flashman Rallye 2011. Enjoy!

Continental Extreme: Chromjuwelen En Route Road Movie

And finally — here it is. Our "Continental Extreme" video. The latest Chromjuwelen En Route road movie starring five German blokes on a Motorkultur-expedition. Intention: To draw an analogy between Las Vegas (SEMA) and Dubai (Motor Show).

Co-starring among others not only our 1964 Imperial Crown, but also family and friends like Klaus Rasch (, Mike Musto (, Ryan Friedlinghaus (West Coast Customs), Sven Gramm (BRABUS), Bear Garcia (Hooligan Customz), Frederik Faidhi (Select Nano), Sam Badawi (1000 Dunes), David Mitri (1000 Dunes) and Phil McGovern (

Thanks to everyone who joined our film premiere at the EAST Hotel in Hamburg. We had a blast!  

Continental Extreme: Chromjuwelen En Route Travelogue

You may still remember our last Chromjuwelen En Route tour called "Continental Extreme". And if you do so, you probably wonder what happened to us and our self-attempt with the 1964 Imperial Crown. And why you have never heard any time later about that project. Here is the simple answer: It took us donkey's years to sight our material. And to understand what happened. In Los Angeles, in Las Vegas, in Dubai.

3000 photos and several hard drives filled with video material later we get a breath of an idea: WE HAD A BLAST! We just published our (German) travelogue, including a selection of 332 photos ("Los Angeles, Las Vegas (SEMA 2011)", "Dubai (Dubai Motor Show)"). So is time to get lost. Our Chromjuwelen En Route Road Movie will follow in January. 

At this point we would like to thank once again some guys for their help:

  • Klaus Rasch ( Thanks for helping us buying and overhauling the Mopar! And thanks for feeling like home every time we are in LA.
  • Mike Musto (, Dude. This has been the fourth time (!) I was trying to ride your #§%#* Winged Warrior. And I failed again. It must be jinxed. But you know what? I will keep on trying. Hell Yeah.
  • Frederik Faidhi ( If you will ever be in Deutschland ... can you help us polishing our Imperial Crown? Just kidding. Thanks for your open sesame!
  • Phil McGovern ( Damn. We have to come back. And not only for the reason we have to do this dune thing with you guys. 

Mates – we take a bow.

Oh. It's me.

Tobi Faust and Arthur Heisler (Faust & Heisler) just released a video portrait of me. And my work. And Which makes me self-conscious. To be honest.

The video was shot during the "Street Mag Show Hamburg" and presents some people of our Chromjuwelen Family. Including Helge Thomsen (Motoraver, 1973 "Mad Max" Ford Falcon XB GT), Kris "Kick 'n' Rush" Karathomas (1958 Chevy), Niels-Peter Jensen (Cheezy Rider), Oliver Kaps (Style Deluxe). And — of course — our 1972 "General Tire" International Harvester Scout II.


Beautiful Beast

During our Chromjuwelen En Route video shoot last weekend — see sneak previews above — I had the opportunity to race my Nippon Pontiac for a few meters. Damn, that Poncho kicks *ss. Maybe this is due to the fact the "Kustom City family" worked a little on the setup of my 7M-GTE

At the moment the LeSupra waits to get customized at Style Deluxe Hamburg, but I must admit I start loving the Millenium Falcon "Piece of Junk" style ... 

Chromjuwelen Road Movie: 44 minutes and 44 seconds

Ever since we are doing, we are dreaming of "Chromjuwelen Road Movies". To capture outtakes, "behind the scene" material and shaky cell phone videos. Here it is—our first movie. Enjoy!

Please check out for more details.