Frazer Spowart: Cars I See – 1972 BMW 2002

"This is a story of a father and sons love for cars, BMW's and especially the classic 2002. Patrick Burns' 1972 model is a particularly interesting example and reflects the passion behind it that he and his father share. It's not perfect, but that's not the point, it's enjoyed everyday and is still going strong after 40 years on the road."

It is interesting to see all that growing interest in classic BMW — especially in the States. For a long time old BMW have been suffering of being kinda "special interest", but nowadays it seems they'll become the next "It Cars". Not too pricey, but reliable and sporty. My ardent hope is that it will take a long time before those (advertising agency) buffons who just stuffed all their money in ridiculously overpriced Fastback 'Stangs or mid-seventies 911 to overcome their mid-life crisis get wind of this ...    

Thanks for sending me your latest work, Frazer!