From 2006 to Present – All Chromjuwelen Videos (plus a previously unreleased one)

I know I had to do this one day. I kicked it all too long down the road and it has been sitting for too long on my to-do list. But today was the day – I could not stand my unprofessionally way any longer sending people who are interested in our videos and how we act in front of a camera a bunch of loose links via email. 

The problem was not the Sisyphean task to collect all of our Chromjuwelen videos, which are living scattered throughout several video platforms and accounts. To be honest. The reason was much more: Some of our older video are really … er … AWKWARD. I am talking of that kind of videos you rather try to forget. Like this one: "Power Big Meet Västerås 2006". Yeop, that dumpling you can see in the video ... it's me. Sweet.

Anyway. I would like to use this opportunity once again to thank everybody who supported us since the beginning with their time and their video knowledge: Axel Bienert, Tatjana Böcher, Carsten Brix, Tobias Faust, Boris Heimberger, Arthur Heisler, Icke & Er, Kris Karathomas, Dean Malay, Jürgen Pander, Dennis Petermann, P.Y.P. Film, Olli (Redomedia), Christian SuhrSven Wiesner, Jan Wigger, Henning Windelband.

So, taking a deep breathe – here we go, follow this link!

Oh wait. While we are on it. We upped a video which has been previously unreleased – our coverage form the Flashman Rallye 2011. Enjoy!