Chromjuwelen Électrique: Are Friends Electric?

Not all that long ago we made a self-attempt: we eBay-ed a 1964 Imperial Crown and drove it from Los Angeles to Las Vegas – and back to Los Angeles. As you can imagine, we had a blast.

Now it is time for another self-attempt. But this time we will change to the other extreme: We will travel in a smart fortwo electric drive from Paris to Le Mans (Classic). Yup. Battery-driven.

Of course – we know this electrified fellow isn't made for long distances. Even worse – we know it will not be easy to find enough charging stations. But hey, that exactly is the challenge.

Our aim is to shoot another "Chromjuwelen En Route" video. This is why we are accompanied by our friends faust & heisler. If anybody of us speaks fluent French? Er ... no.

Our first appointments will be with our French soulmates from the Blenheim Gang – since we are in France, we have to learn more about "Français Moteur Culture". And if you do not follow the Blenheim Gang yet – do it now.

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