Deichkraft: Tri-Axle Two-Stroke Diesel Godzilla

I am not quite sure when I first have had heard of "Deichkraft", but it must be some years ago. A good friend of mine sent me a shaky video of a tri-axle Dimond T 980 N20 truck, which has been converted into a roadster. But it was not only the fact the basis of Deichkraft is a tri-axle truck which is for that reason alone kinda odd — the steampunked hot rod comes with a GM two-stroke diesel.  

From that day on I wanted to meet Carsten Plötner, who is one of the blokes behind that project. Last weekend the moment has finally arrived — we met each other at a birthday celebration. I am sure all others guests were a little unhinged by us, because we chatted the entire time about cars, the narrowmindedness of some German hot rodders and possible Deichkraft destinations.

Carsten, what about bringing your little Chromjuwel to the Race 61 and Rust 'N' Roll? But before you do that I will pop in to have a ride!