Faust & Heisler: Felipe Fernández Laser

We aren't geeks in things like motorsport, I think I've mentioned that before. But there is one exception: We <3 Felipe Fernández Laser. We know Felipe (and his brilliant brother Carlos, one of our favorite photographers) for years, as both are part of our Chromjuwelen family.

When we met Felipe just a few moments after he had crashed his SEAT Leon Cupra at the Nürburging 2011 at the Nürburgring 2011, we learned that professional race driving is like an ongoing fight. Ok, that is nothing new — but it is a huge difference if you are close to the action trough the eyse of a person you know.

Our friends from Faust & Heisler just published this awesome portrait. Enjoy.

Oh wait – our props go to Katharina. For supporting Felipe.

Felipe Fernández Laser by Faust & Heisler via Motoblog.de