A few days ago I stumbled over an article at in which Jeff Glucker announced Josh Clason teamed up with eGarage. Because I never heard of eGarage before—shame on me!—and their website was password protected when I tried to check it out, I searched a bit. This is what I found on Wastebook ... er ... Facebook

"We believe that it’s time for a new way to look at Automotive. Not just the car itself, but everything that goes along with it. We believe that the people who build the cars are as important as the people who drive the cars. We believe that the people who modify the cars are as important as those who race and as those who show their cars. We believe that cars themselves have become an integral part of our life and these cars, this world of automotive, deserve a better viewing medium on the internet. We believe in car culture. We believe in telling stories.

To those of you who see the car as something more than a mode of transportation, to those of you who could stand and look at a car for 30 minutes from every angle, to those of you who believe that certain cars have souls and that, if appropriately showcased, a car can bring about emotions just as people and nature can, then you have found four friends at eGarage. Welcome."

Seems like I found some soulmates out there. I should shoot 'em an email with our latest Chromjuwelen En Route video ...