Deluxe Restomod: 1973 Dodge Challenger

Yeop. I have done everything right. Absolutely. Check out this restomodded Mopar and you will understand why I am thrilled Style Deluxe/Kustom City is overhauling my Pontiac LeSupra. Why you haven't heard from the LeSupra for a while? Because I simply had to park it to get other things done first. "Other things" like rolling out our agency. But now it is time to bring that project back.

If you are thinking of a german engineered custom project, you should pay Style Deluxe a visit. I know a lot of brilliant engineers, but I don't know too much which are so stylistically confident as those fellas are. My assumption? They won't be an insiders' tip any longer as more people will see their stunning work. 

All photos: Jo Fischer.