CAST IRON: A Four Stroke Beat Magazine

As I don't read too many magazines as a hardcopy, I turned into an idiot who doesn't know what is going on in the international magazine racks in the meantime. So much more I am happy I have some friends who keep me informed. In this regard: Thanks for the link, Helge!

Helge shot me a link to CAST IRON. Nope, I've never heard that title before (which doesn't mean much). But I really like their attitude and philosophy:

"[...] "Contra-culture" said someone? Definitely! That term was born in the sixties, was followed by "D.I.Y" and "crossover" in the following decades. That's what "CAST IRON" is all about: pop culture, a cool mix of past fragrance and nowadays' colors, a 4-stroke beat which is common to both cast-iron engines and rock'n'roll. Or in other terms: Lifestyle. Automotive. Motorcycle. Fun. [...]"

Hmm. I need a copy!