I may have to reconsider some things ...

Be warned—this video contains explicit nerd stuff. Or "Werberzeugs" (= bugging blah blah blah of ad agency wackos), as Oliver Kaps would say. So don't hit the play button if you aren't interested in internet technologies and the future of media, especially the so-called "semantic web".

But if you are fighting a running battle with too much information day after day (as I am), a lot of the discussed things will sound familiar to you.

Clay Shirky said something which let me get the point: "If I was going to start a news business tomorrow, I would start a news business designed to produce not one new bit of news, but instead to aggregate news for individuals in ways that mattered to them." It's exactly the same Christopher Stegemann, my partner and technical mastermind, mantra-like explains to me for quite some time now. And I now can hear him say: "What did I tell you?" 

Kate Ray via Netzpiloten